Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you haven't had an opportunity to get your paws on my book, 'Skyscrapers of the Midwest', your long-sought getting paw on opportunity is finally here. Out of print for around a year or so, 'Skyscrapers' is back in an all new spectacular third printing! The black and white have never contrasted so much. And don't forget... Third is better because it's a bigger number.

Still don't believe that people have read my work? Well, just check out what the guy on Amazon has to say about my most recent book, 'Driven by Lemons', and see if you aren't swayed in the least bit:

"Maybe I'm too stupid but I don't understand this comic at all. Random pictures and random nonsense. It was number 6 on the top 100 comics of 2009 from Comic Book Resources. I have no idea how it is number 6. My advice stay away." -Guy on Amazon

Learn to hate me, one page at a time. I'll turn it into love and send it right back at you.


Blogger Matthew said...

That sounds like my kind of review!

Though I would have also accepted, "Dude! What's with all the squiggles and shiz?!"

10:24 AM  

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