Sunday, June 21, 2009

Illustrations for the Faith section...

It's pretty ironic that I, unrepentant atheist, am in charge of designing the Faith section of the KC Star*. I suppose it keeps me unbiased, as I do not favor any one religious philosophy over another—I think they're all bunkum. What's nice about working on this section is that oftentimes the stories are abstract enough, that they require illustrations rather than photos. Here's the last two.

*actually, let me revise that. You know what's REALLY ironic? That a newspaper, which ostensibly reports facts to the public, has a religion section, which reports on belief systems devoid of any provable evidence (the very definition of "faith") but it does not have a Science & Technology section that would report on scientific news and advances... you know, science... that ol' thang that gave us the scientific method and the very notion of what constitutes a fact.

ok, rant over. at least i get to draw pretty pictures.


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