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Driven By Lemons XVII.

Screamland TPB signing at Elite cancelled.

So, the books didn't come in. Pretty bummed. So our signing at Elite Comiics is cancelled. Still, shops around the world should have the Screamlamd TPB next week, 11/4.

Still, WTF? Every single deadline, since back in March, was tailored to meet this Halloween shipping date. We delivered everything on time... Ship the stuff on time, is it too much to ask?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


For whatever reason, Blogger won't allow me to post my comics as I used to, uploading them from my Flickr account. So here's a small sample, but click here to see it in a larger (and more readable) size.

super happy 27

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Driven By Lemons XVI.

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The finished mural

Renegades of Funk!

So, this past First Friday I joined in and worked on the live mural at the Leedy Voulkos Art Center. Kind of like the Step Into the Arena show, this was a bunch of artists doing a collaborative jam mural. This last time it was GEAR, Matthias Soda Potter and me (adding to a mural started by Lori Raye Erickson, SHA9AGAIN, Noah Moore and Adrian Halpern the previous month.

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Driven By Lemons XV.

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Originally it was going to be this:

But my editor said it seemed like it was just an endorsement for Obama, and that I needed to include McCain too. So I turned this one in right at the deadline:

But the editors agreed that McCain looked, and I quote, "scary." So they didn't run it. Thus, it's totally collectible now.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008