Tuesday, March 25, 2008

look what i found

so, I am not posting any new Screamland stuff for a while. But while cleaning through some old files I found this old lil' gem
Dammit Josh, we had a good thing going...


Blogger Dumuro said...

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10:32 PM  
Blogger justin b said...


7:44 AM  
Blogger daniel said...

Justin, thanks for the heads up. I deleted the post.

12:33 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Hector, I noticed the "Guffman and Godot" strips weren't up on your site. Any chance you're planning something with them? A collection maybe?

12:21 PM  
Blogger jwcotter said...

ah, the salad days. i haven't seen that in forever. i wonder if it's any coincidence that my descent into 'happy happy joshua land' accelerated when i started doing that strip...

i think it would be a pretty great idea if all of us put out a 'kc star strip' book together. between the four of us, we'd have a pretty huge book. we could xeric that motherfucker.

just an idear.

2:37 PM  
Blogger jwcotter said...

oh, and don't forget to click HERE.

2:37 PM  
Blogger hector casanova said...

hey, that's a swell idea. We could be the Flab Four of KC comics... But I know me. We need someone to crack the whip. Who wants to spearhead that?

7:33 PM  
Blogger Travis said...

I say we talk to David Frese and make The Star pay for it!!!

(quit laughing...I'm calling him right now)

3:44 PM  

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